Digital Drawing

February hit hard and fast. Volleyball, indoor soccer, and karate started. A new set of work deadlines hit my desk. We broke snowfall records and I shoveled—oh, did I shovel. There were school concerts, school parties, work parties, and art parties (at which I sold my first painting). As I drove my daughter to a 6 AM volleyball practice in my pajama pants and snow boots, I realized my blessed winter hibernation was officially O-V-E-R.

The free time I had was scattered. Fifteen minutes waiting in the parking lot for practices to get over. A stolen half hour in the evening. Five minutes over coffee. I looked longingly at my watercolors, packed up and stored away. Someday I will have a space to keep them out and ready to use, but that day is not now. So I commandeered my husband’s iPad. It’s portable and the app ProCreate allows for instantaneous creating.

I doodled cats.


Cat vs. Mouse series. I plan to expand on this story next month. 

A kid with a cat for Valentine’s Day.


A Baby Giraffe.


An Olympic Skier.


And dreamt about one of my favorite activities, night fat biking in the snow. Everything is quiet and dark, and you feel like you are alone—in a good way.


That’s it for now. I’ve got deadlines knocking on my door and revisions to get to.

Have a good day,



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